About Marquel

Can I take a moment and brag a little bit? Check out my family…with me in the picture is my handsome husband Paul and my beautiful daughter Lauryn. They are the center of my joy! You can catch Paul and I fighting over the remote control…he is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and I don’t watch football (unless JMU, our alma mater is playing…JMU DUUUUKES)!!!

Paul and I have been married for 22 years!!! We met at JMU one homecoming and didn’t really know each other while in school. We have lots in common except our taste in food…I love all types of asian food and he loves steak…and only steak. Imagine our discussions when deciding on a place to eat!


Lauryn dared to choose a school other than JMU and is a sophomore at Howard University…she’s a bison!!! We decided to keep loving her anywayk…LOL! She is doing so well and we are so proud of her! Lauryn is majoring in Journalism with a concentration in broadcast. She is my heart and I miss having her home. 😩


And let’s not forget Miss Zoey…she actually runs our house…mainly because she is so cute.